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* Urban Terror Level *
Title : Pacman
Filename (x3) : ut_mspacman1.bsp ut_mspacman2.bsp ut_mspacman3.bsp
Author : Dan Barrett aka FSK405 wily duck
Date : 1/25/2006
E-mail address : *********@****************.com
Homepage URL : http://digitalamusement.net

* Level Description *

My pacman map was quite a success, so I decided to make maps of one of my
favorite classic arcade games. Actually the only arcade game that will publicly
grab my attention and get me to deviate from whatever/whoever I'm with. Quarters
fall. Time is lost. Fun is had. I love it. :)

So I went all out on this one. All three (3) Ms. Pacman levels have been
recreated. As my current standard, the .map source files are included.

Speaking of going all out, check that levelshot artwork!!! Wow I really outdid
myself there. That's all original work by myself. The Level 1 piece looks
strangely like another very popular artists' style... Vasquez. I very much
dig that extremely dark style.

These maps took me 4 days to start from scratch, to the final package. Some of
those days were very long, 2 of them I didn't sleep, drank a lot of vodka and
red bull, and spent a bunch of time in front of my markerboard. I found some
limitations of the engine that caused some snags. Note how all the dots from
the original game aren't present. Too many entities killed it, had to knock
down the number of breakable dots. Also found interesting vis glitches with
the see-through floor and the skybox. Fixed them up. Overall a very worthwhile
experience making these 3 new maps.

Be sure to try all gamemodes. These are surprisingly great for TS, CTF, and
CaH! Have fun playing them!

Single Player : Yes
Gamemodes : FFA, DM, CTF, TDM, TS, CAH
Suggested player load : 12

New Textures : Yes
New Sounds : Yes

* Construction *
Map Base : New/borrowed
Prefabs used : None
Mapobjects used : None
Editor used : gtkradiant
Other utilities used : Photoshop CS

Known Bugs : None. Rereleased map to fix bugs.

Compile machine : AMD2000XP, 1G RAM

BSP time : < 1 minute
VIS time : < 1 minute
RAD time : < 1 minute

Total Brushes : 521
DM spawns : 12
CAH/CTF spawns : 12
CAH capturepoints : 5
Locations : 1

superman_b3 - Urban Super Soldier, beta 3
ut_cahos_v2 - Capture and Hold Chaos
ut_koth - King of the Hill
ut_sled - Mountainpath Struggle
ut_deep - 1000 foot underwater fight
ut_pacman - Classic Pacman remake


The maps have been tested by the awesome players on FSK405 TeamSpeak. Thanks to
Frog, Dierth, Bah, DankRider, Spider, Digital, Little Snap, HeavyG, and a few
others I'm forgetting now who stepped up to help test the maps. Without the
testers, you get the first unmentioned version of pacman. Thanks guys for the
help and support!


Stated here officially. Any map I have previously released with a .map source
file MAY be used to generate new basemaps, learn from, modify, use in any
engine. I forgot to take out some sentences in earlier maps. I want you to
learn and use my material to further your level design experience. Few to
no mappers release their source files. This is all free, so my concern about
Intellectual Property is quite small. Map on!

This map MAY NOT be sold, or in any other way turn into profit for any other
person than the author. This map MAY be distributed on any media as long as this
media is distributed freely without anyone having to pay for it.


Ugh - lawyers, Intellectual Property, greed. Ms. Pacman spawned from the first
recognized mod team who wanted to do something different with the original
Pacman. They created Ms. Pacman. Soon after, Namco stepped in and made some
legal threats. Ms. Pacman represents the corporate entity actually using common
sense to realize the potential of this new game. I've seen other mods fall to
those same legal threats, mods and games that would have been great, and only
spurred buying more merchandise that ultimately puts otherwise unspent cash
into the hands of the IP owners. It's also like pirating software or music.
Statistians come up with numbers about how much money was lost to piracy, but
the dirty fact is that it's money that wouldn't have been spent on them in the
first place. The money they make later as a result of brand recognition is
truly significant, although because the immediate results can't be felt (this
is a must-make-money-now! world) we down here suffer. I just used Ms. Pacman's
name and image for my own gain - not monetary gain, no, the feedback for a job
well done, the ooo's and aaah's, the "you're a fucking sick man wily", the
"duck this is friggin awesome!", the feeling of accomplishment, the idea I get
to run around in a virtual place that has previously only existed in my
imagination... And people ask me if I want/could make money on my maps. The
overwhelming great feedback and relentless compliments from the community are
all I need to fuel my desire to create levels. That's the payback I get and
accept it with a big stupid smile. I sleep well at night. Then I waste more
time playing until something else sparks my imagination... it starts all over

I'm known as a wily duck. And as They say, "Damn, he's a wily duck!!!".

Arena file

map "ut_mspacman1"
longname "They Meet"
type "ut_ffa ut_team ut_ctf ut_cah ut_survivor"


File structure

    ↳ ut_mspacman.shader
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.arena
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.arena
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.arena
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_start.wav
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/eat.wav
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/1up.wav
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/fruit.wav
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_power.wav
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.tga
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.tga
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_dn.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_lf.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_bk.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_rt.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_up.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/sky_ft.jpg
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.TGA
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.bsp
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.bsp
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.map
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.TGA
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.aas
    ↳ ut_mspacman3.aas
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.map
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.aas
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.TGA
    ↳ ut_mspacman1.map
    ↳ ut_mspacman2.bsp
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_floor.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/strawberry.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/cherry.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_wall.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_wall3.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ghost3.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ghost4.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/pacdot3.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/pacdot.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/pacdot2.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_floor3.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ghost1.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/black floor.jpg
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_wall2.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ms_pacman_floor2.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/ghost2.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/pear.tga
    ↳ ut_ms_pacman/orange.tga

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