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ntrnsc (b. 1989)
ut4_purity, 2021-2024
Digital media (layout, modelling, texturing, sound design)

A video game level named for its conception as a purely liminal space; players find themselves traversing the boundary between form and function - en route to primary objectives and temporary, transient engagements therein. instructions are given both explicitly through single word prompts scattered throughout the area but are often more subtly conveyed via the language of design, with pseudo-symmetry used as a navigational heel to envoke a sense of despair and disorientation. it exists simultaneously as a response to the endemic insistence on ludonarrative suspension of disbelief in modern first person shooters and a subversion of the artifice inherent in the construction of play spaces in the genre's more archaic titles.

ut4_purity_rc1 changelog:

- stair clipping improved
- filled in annoying camping spot under stairs outside Zen.
- rebuilt problematic geometries near Garden. for real this time.
- widened top hall outside red flag area, cutting away the sharp corner.
- minor optimisations
- small visual tweaks
- it's done

ut4_purity_b7 changelog:

- support for capture & hold gametype added.
> capture points are in the named locations on the minimap.
- team survivor spawns altered to make gameplay more dynamic.
- many glass railings are now breakable.
> unbreakable glass railings have a metal top beam to distinguish them.
- cut away a corner and widened a staircase in red hall for easier jumps from red flag area.
- extended a planter box at cactii to simplify rushing down from overlook.
- fixed one final out of bounds exploit (thanks donna30).
- rebuilt some of the dodgy geometry near garden.
- added window for visibility between top hall and hexagons.
- blocked visibility from blue spawn into zen.
- moved black bombsite to provide slightly better cover from garden stairs.
- planted more flowers in garden.
- extra smooth lighting.

ut4_purity_b6 changelog:

- revamped flag areas:
> added protective screens in CTF and TDM
> added new raised sections and flower beds.
> lowered balconies and replaced them with glass railings.
- tidied up many clip brushes and details (thanks v3nd3tta).
- improved the movement options between bottom hall and overlook (thanks v3nd3tta).
- replaced weird empty boxes in certain areas with prettier empty boxes.
- most open stairsets can now be shot through (thanks cuz).
- spawn doors are now permanently open in FFA.
- cleaned up awkward geometry near blue balcony.
- text decals smoothed out significantly (thanks mr. yeah).
- fixed missing light texture.
- improved appearance of trees and flowers all over the map.
- corrected the version info in the arena file
- more background details added

ut4_purity_b5 changelog:

- lighting *actually* improved! (thanks mr yeah & delirium).
- "capture." chamber overhauled significantly:
> routing from top hall into blue opened up to match other side of the map
> backsplash pushed back so stairs face directly into blue bathroom.
> improved the movement routing from backsplash into red hall.
> lattice screen added to provide cover for bomb planter and to make engagements and movements here more dynamic.
- staircases leading from backsplash and drop into the respective flag areas have been widened considerably.
- added upper walkway from drop to the random corner camping area in survive chamber.
- added more crazy crap to the walls with coinciding radio callouts.
- fixed stair clips in the middle of each of the four main chambers
- navigational lighting cues are now a lot less subtle.
- improved minimap readability for certain locations.
- fixed a few more pixel walks and boost spots.
- fixed an issue where background audio was playing too loud in very specific locations.
- new lighting props in the main chambers.

ut4_purity_b4 changelog:

- bot support added (thanks foxyfox & delirium).
- spawn doors added for CTF. sentries are still active. (thanks mr yeah & delirium).
- lighting improved, overall brightness further reduced (thanks delirium & slackin).
- made trims more consistent across areas to help make certain angles more easily readable.
- visibility through water wall at garden is now the same on both sides.
- moved some rocks around to make the space under overlook stairs less awkward to use.
- proximity of ambient sounds increased.
- fixed some radio callout inaccuracies.
- more pretty, yet utterly useless scenery tweaks.

ut4_purity_b3 changelog:

- reduced overall brightness of the map a little bit and smoothed out the lighting.
- hexagons have moved to the opposite location of triangles. the stairs here have been rotated to match the stairs on the opposite side of the map and to remove the obnoxious gun fight from bottom stairs towards the blue balcony.
- headshot angle at flagsite balconies removed. the flower boxes now extend all the way across the balconies, so you have to expose yourself a lot more to shoot into the flag areas (thanks rocketman7).
- moved props around to make engagements between zen and top hall more dynamic.
- box at bottom of zen stairs lowered to match box at new hexagon stairs. engagements here should be less awkward than before.
- removed the ability to boost players onto the beams and out of bounds above triangles and falls/hexagons (thanks cuz).
- players can no longer get boosted inside the window frames at the back of zen and above the water wall at garden.
- added gravel area under the stairs at overlook/cactii for surface sound distinction. extended water wall to the bottom level and added more greenery to bottom hall. (thanks devils right hand).
- made dirt textures throughout the map less dark (thanks devils right hand).
- garden area is now *very* slightlty wider. this is an OCD change which shouldn't affect gameplay in any meaningful way.
- minimap updated to reflect layout changes. the "cactii" and "ableton" callouts are now labelled also.
- varied the overall ambient soundscape to fix phasing issues with fountain sounds.
- added .arena file.
- special thanks room added.

ut4_purity_b2 changelog:

- surface sounds implemented. they were supposed to be in the last version but i forgot to import the surface file on the final render :^)
- flag site balconies lowered slightly to make these areas more effective defensive positions (but also a little more exposed).
- fixed stair clips so that slide momentum is properly transferred up and down them. didn't do this for stairs where people aren't going to slide up and down (if they do, they're not going far anyway). added clips in garden for the same reason. thanks to ulbens for pointing this out.
- floor collision evened out; no more slightly bumpy gunfights!
- fixed minimap transparency. nobody would have noticed this but it was bothering me anyway.
- sentries placed in spawn areas for CTF.
- pretty, yet utterly useless lighting changes and scenery additions. green is good!

Arena file

map "ut4_purity_rc1"
longname "Purity - by ntrnsc (v1.0)"
type "ut_ffa ut_team ut_survivor ut_cah ut_ctf ut_bomb ut_ft ut_gungame"


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    ↳ ntrnsc/fern.tga
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    ↳ ntrnsc/ntrdrop.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/banspas.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_modernity_red.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_wood_bright.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_trueceiling3.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/blackglass_hex.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_wood_plank2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_gr.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_lattice.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_wall2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_bars3.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/flowers02.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/fern_hanging.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_cactus.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_greytile.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_nonsolid.jpg
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    ↳ ntrnsc/ntrsky.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_ivy2.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_scanline.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_wh_1.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/mud_bright2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_noflagsign.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/blackglass_purityenvB.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/waterfall3.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_ceiling2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntrnsc.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_whitescreen_bloom.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_waterlily_alpha.tga
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    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_scanline.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/blackglass_trans.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_wh_2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_sand.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntrchain.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_floorclip.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/escalator3.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/brushed_metal.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_zen.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/brushed_metal_darker.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_wh_3.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_wood_plank3.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/glass_frosted2.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_spraymask.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntrclip.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/flowers05.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/orange2.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_denyscroll.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_wood_red.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_water2.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_purewhite.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_rock1.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_bl_1.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_shutters.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_ceiling3.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/escalator_env.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/fern2.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_stairclip.jpg
    ↳ ntrnsc/tile_bl.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/blackglass.tga
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    ↳ ntrnsc/orange.tga
    ↳ ntrnsc/ntr_glass_frosted_trans.tga

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